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Conviction n°2: I wish to select players with ESG best practices

Responsible Multi-sector

What is Responsible Multi-sector ?

The responsible multi-sector approach offers a higher level of positive impact. It selects companies, from all sectors, with ESG best practices in their respective economic sectors.

At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, a responsible multi-sector investment solution must meet the following criteria:

1. exclude companies whose behaviour is harmful to human beings and the environment.

2. select companies with ESG best practices.

3. help companies to improve their ESG practices over the long term through the vote of resolutions at annual general meetings and/or engagement (dialogue with companies on their ESG practices).


How does Responsible Multi-sector reflect an investor’s conviction?

In addition to the objectives sought through ESG Integration, the investor wants to favour companies with ESG best practices in order to:

• limit the negative impacts on sustainable development.

• promote best practices within each sector of the investment universe.


Our commitments

• 100% of the portfolio is analysed according to ESG criteria for main asset classes (traditional funds, equities and bonds).

• Exclusion of controversial activities.

• Exclusion of at least 10% of the reference universe based on ESG criteria.



A system of clovers that reflects the level of sustainability for financial investment.


Equities and corporate bonds with ESG best practices, multi-sector SRI funds, SRI structured products, etc.

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