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Meeting Excellence

Meeting your bank will be fulfilling, inspiring… and even fun!


Our new mobile application, myMeeting, helps you prepare and customize your next meeting with us.

- Enrich the content of your agenda
- Select experts you want to meet
- See the list of the documents you need to bring
- Preview the working documents 

Specify welcome preferences
You intend to come by taxi, you need  a parking or seek assistance for a hotel ? Specify it in myMeeting, we will take care of it.

Be inspired !
To make your stay more pleasant, we suggest you in myMeeting interesting events in town during your stay.



With Meeting Excellence, we offer you a brand new meeting journey.

At the bank
We do our best to facilitate your access to the Bank and your departure.

During the meeting, discover new contents and a new way to interact with your relationship manager and with the experts.

After the meeting, you will find in MyMeeting the next steps of the meeting and the follow-up documents. 


myMeeting Contact

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