Sustainable Thematic Approach



The Sustainable thematic approach achieves a positive level of impact by focusing on themes and sectors whose economic activity is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, a sustainable thematic investment solution must meet the following criteria:

1. match one or more themes identified as sustainable.

2. select companies which have a minimum proportion of their revenue derived from activities related to these themes.

3. exclude companies whose behaviour is harmful to human beings and the environment.

4. help companies improve their ESG practices over the long term through the vote of resolutions at annual general meetings and/or through engagement (dialogue with companies on their ESG practices).


In addition to the objectives sought through the responsible multi-sector investment, the investor is seeking to finance sectors and companies that:

• provide concrete solutions to one or more sustainable themes.

• show strong potential for growth and financial performance.


• 100% of the portfolio is analysed on the basis of ESG criteria.

• Exclusion of controversial activities.

• Business activity must be linked to sustainable themes in order to meet social and/or environmental issues.


A system of clovers that reflects the level of sustainability for financial investment.



Equities and bonds are directly linked to the SDGs, SRI thematic funds, SDGs funds, etc.


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