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Innovation For Impact


In the heart of the Silicon Valley, explore new ways of thinking and strategies to make a more meaningful positive impact in today’s changing global economy.

Family Wealth Advisors, a part of the Bank of the West Wealth Management Group, hosted the third event in the 2017 Next Generation Experience series in Silicon Valley this September.

46 attendees from 18 countries gathered to discuss entrepreneurship, family wealth and purpose investing. They watched live pitch sessions from entrepreneurs, met venture capitalists and founders of socially responsible companies, and developed long lasting relationships with peers around the world. Bank of the West was thrilled to partner with BNP Paribas on this event series.


"Our attendees’ engagement, energy and camaraderie was incredible. It was clear that they were passionate about our event’s theme, Innovate for Impact.”

Steve Prostano,

Head of Family Wealth Advisors, Bank of the West Wealth Management Group


Our event’s activities will begin on arrival night with a cocktail reception and dinner at the Epiphany Hotel, a premier venue in the heart of Silicon Valley. The evening will provide a comfortable setting for participants to get to know each other and network in preparation for the activities to follow, making sure conversations, connections, and collaboration will be fruitful.

Day 1 will kick off the educational programming of our gathering at our hub for the event: the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley. Plug and Play (P&P) is a venture fund, innovation platform, corporate innovation consultancy—and the world’s largest startup accelerator. During the day, participants will hear opening remarks from BNPP’s Global Head of our Key Client Group and Plug and Play’s founder, Saeed Amidi. The conversation will contextualize the setting and content to anchor the content around core topics. The day will also include a discussion on different startup types from startup founders Michael Olmstead (P&P Retail), Scott Robinson (P&P Fintech), and Phillip Seiji (P&P Internet of Things), as well as insights into the innovation and design process of a startup entrepreneur. The day will conclude with a panel discussion that will deconstruct and analyze the life cycle of a startup: from conceiving a new idea and attracting funding, to structuring an IPO. Presenters will include our Global Head of Key Clients (moderator), as well as Hon. Daniel S. Goldin, Chairman, President & CEO, KnuEdge, Inc. and Ronn Lowenthal, ICONIQ.

  • Arrive at Plug and Play Tech Center | 440 N Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale
  • Registration and breakfast
  • Welcome to Silicon Valley: Global Head of Key Clients, Wealth Management Saeed Amidi, Founder, Plug and Play
  • Introduction and overview of Plug and Play: Seena Amidi, Corporate Partnerships & Business Development
  • Networking break
  • Discussion on Plug and Play startup verticals: Michael Olmstead, Founder P&P Retail, Scott Robinson, Founder P&P Fintech, and Phillip Seiji, Founder P&P Internet of Things
  • Lunch
  • Innovation Exchange
  • Inside the mind of a startup entrepreneur
  • Networking break
  • Panel Discussion: Global Head of Key Clients (moderator), Hon. Daniel S. Goldin, Chairman, President & CEO, KnuEdge, Inc. and Ronn Lowenthal, ICONIQ
  • Closing remarks
  • Networking dinner with Plug and Play and startup entrepreneurs

Day 2 will focus on interactive activities that will demystify the pitch process. At our “Startup Expo,” participants will be able to be fully involved in an interactive pitch session with startups and investors from different industries, followed by breakout sessions and meal activities that will provide casual settings for freeform conversations and dynamic Q&A sessions. Day 2’s panel discussion will showcase venture capitalists and angel investors, followed by hands-on demonstrations of cutting-edge technology from startup founders. The day will end with closing remarks to summarize the day’s learnings, leading to a reception and dinner hosted by our Head of Wealth Management, accompanied by various prominent angel investors and venture capitalists.

  • Arrive at Plug and Play Tech Center | 440 N Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale
  • Breakfast
  • Plug and Play Startup Expo: interactive pitch session with startups and investors across a number of industries
  • Breakout session with startups, lunch and Q&A
  • Visit labs
  • Panel discussion with Silicon Valley venture capitalists and angel investors
  • Networking break
  • Technology that will change our world: hands-on, cutting-edge technology demonstration and discussion with founders
  • Closing remarks and reception
  • Networking dinner hosted by CEO of Wealth Management with angel investors and venture capitalists

Day 3 will conclude our programming on a high note with exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of Silicon Valley tech giant companies. The gathering will draw a close with a reception and closing remarks that will summarize key content pieces, lessons, and insights. We have timed our event so participants will also have the option to remain in the Bay Area for tourist and other activities that they may wish to coordinate on their own. 

  • Various locations: behind-the-scenes tours of Silicon Valley tech giants
  • Return to Epiphany Hotel for closing reception


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