In a changing world, we have the ambition to always transform any evolution, may it be technological or regulatory, in services that will bring our Clients an increased added-value. Their needs are constantly evolving and it is one of our most important missions to  listen to our Clients and understand them.

Whether they’d like to save time, to be better connected to their banker or to experience a simpler and more transparent wealth management relationship, we owe them to find new solutions which bring our Clients closer to their goals.

Moreover an ever evolving regulatory environment is establishing the grounds for more transparency and for a better protection for investors. BNP Paribas Wealth Management embraces those goals and constantly adapts its services to accomplish them.



A key element of every banking relationship is the fee schedule. Following all other evolutions, we have to make sure that it allows us to prepare for a better future and that it lives up to your expectations. 

A private bank provides for a great deal of services but its pricing can be difficult to understand. Depending on the services our Clients need, it can also be cumbersome for them to know exactly what they're paying for.




We’d like to give our Clients a much simpler answer to that situation by introducing two banking packages that will incorporate as many as 21 services priced individually up until now. Our Clients just choose the best package for them depending on their needs.

Following the same principles, up until now custody fees only covered securities, letting out of scope other cash assets, which sometimes resulted in additional fees. We’ve decided to bring all the assets related fees under the same roof. Custody fees become Administration fees and are now charged on all of the assets under management. And to make up for a bigger asset base used for calculation, we’ve lowered the entry fees. It’s only normal.


We believe in fairness of treatment and it’s another principle we’ve used to evolve our pricing. Administration fees, management fees and brokerage fees now follow the size of our Clients investments. The bigger the volume they use, the lower the fee. The greater the trust our Clients have in us, the more benefits for them.


As Banks never work alone when dealing with investments, they are often charged with external costs. We want to make sure our Clients can track those, so we’ve made them transparent. External costs will be charged on equity and bond positions deposited in major markets outside Switzerland.

We’re taking a great pride in the mutual trust we’re building together with our Clients. The Relationship Manager remains the privileged link to anything related to the table of fees and commissions.

The General Tariff of Charges applicable as of 1st April 2023 may be found below