Boasting over 40 years’ experience in this domain, Agrifrance offers its expertise through advisory services and complementary services in addition to arranging transactions in exclusive rural property in France including farmland, vineyards, forests and prestigious country estates.

When you entrust a project to the Agrifrance team you


Whether you are buying or selling, we will introduce you to high-calibre contacts from our international clientbase and network, while external advertising is kept to a minimum.

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Agrifrance’s experts arrange transactions and offer advisory services relating to vineyards, forests and farmland. Being specialists in these three areas is unique on the market. It guarantees our clients exclusive opportunities and a tailored offering in line with their wealth management goals and personal preferences.

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Our service goes beyond the commercial interest of a traditional estate agent, because we take a long-term approach to our mandates, and introduce our clients to trustworthy partners. On top of that, we offer advice on tax, risk, and estate management costs.

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We devote the necessary time to all our clients to offer them the best opportunities on the market.

Our turnkey service covers all aspects of buying or selling rural real estate including technical and human resources.

The attraction of rural real estate for affluent clients is undeniable. This type of investment is not only a measure of social status and brings immense pleasure, but it is also an opportunity to diversify wealth.

This high interest in rural real estate will continue to grow in the years ahead. Since the pandemic and global recession, our clients have expressed new priorities, such as the ecological footprint, the social impact and the benefits of self-sufficiency. In this context, they may wish to consider purchasing less prestigious rural assets.

To help them meet their aspirations and long-term investment goals, clients are invited to use our advisory service. 

Through their independence, the Agrifrance team offers a broad range of technical expertise while complying with the highest standard of business ethics to support clients beyond the mere commercial transaction.

Benoit Léchenault, Head of Agrifrance


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Every year, Agrifrance publishes a report on trends in the French rural land market. Last year, it placed a special focus on the organic wine market.

In 2020, the Covid-19 crisis ushered in a growing awareness among citizens and consumers of the need to preserve the planet and to have a more positive impact on our society and the environment.