My Advisory

Our My Advisory investment service is suitable for investors who wish to play an active role in the management of their assets and take full advantage of our financial expertise. We offer two-level advisory services.

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My Advisory - Essential (Option 01)

I wish to safeguard my assets independently while benefiting from a protective framework and the financial expertise of my relationship manager.

You are an independent investor and as such you make your own investment decisions

You wish to receive personalised investment ideas and recommendations from time to time

You benefit from our selection of investment products from our recommended investment universe




My Advisory - Partner (Option 02)

I wish to play an active role in managing my investments by receiving investment advice and ideas on a regular basis.

You are proactive when it comes to managing your investments

You wish to receive personalised investment ideas and recommendations on a regular basis

You wish to discuss with a dedicated investment advisor 

You are concerned about potential risks and wish to monitor your investments

You like to receive and read all of our publications, research and analysis


Management team    
Relationship Manager (Chargé de relation)
Investment Advisor (Conseiller en Investissement) -
Construction of your investment portfolio    
Identification of investment aims
Personal investment rules -
Portfolio allocation and investment proposal -
Personalised investment recommendations
Portfolio report* -
Annual portfolio review** -
Portfolio monitoring -
Audit & reporting    
Assessment of your financial knowledge
Creation of your investor profile (CIP)
Assessment of the suitability of investments before execution
Sustainable investment    
Definition your profile as a responsible investor
SRI portfolio analysis -
Impact investment improvement proposal -
Financing solutions    
Lombard Consumer/Lombard Leverage financing -
Derivative financing Standard risk monitoring on leveraged positions Standard risk monitoring on leveraged positions
Financial publications    
Access to recommended investment lists
Strategic publications
Monthly strategy letter
Digital solutions and online banking    
Access to myWealth online banking
+ Market reviews
+ Portfolio News
Online consulting service -
Equity Desknotes -
Best-in-class transactions -

* Supplementary report to the periodic report provided by the Bank
** review performed together with the Client of their Investment Strategy, personal investment rules and frequency of contact



Our My Mandate discretionary management service is suitable for investors who wish to entrust the day-to-day management of their investments to a team of specialists.



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