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MAD MAR Disclosures under European Regulation




Share Ownership of BNP Paribas Group


List of main shareholders of BNP Paribas group, in particular those holding more than 5% of the capital




Companies in which BNPP holds stakes and list of BNPP short positions


Listed companies in which BNP Paribas holds Long positions (percentage of shares or voting rights > 0.5%).


BNP Paribas Shorts positions (percentage < -0.5%). These positions are linked to short-term trading activities and not reflecting necessarily the BNP Paribas’ financial opinion in the concerned companies.




European, US and Asian Companies which have entrusted BNP Paribas with mandates for Equity operations


Listed companies which have entrusted BNP Paribas with mandates over the past twelve months (lead banker of as a member of an issuing group or underwriting syndicate in equity transactions on the primary market and in secondary issues that are deemed to be material, advisor or arranger in takeover bids). Dates indicated in the Equity Mandates file are those on which the operations became public.


N.B.: these lists contain the exhaustiveness of the mandates entrusted to BNP Paribas on European, US and Asian securities.