Wealth Side Stories: discover our 6 videos

With this new saga #WealthSideStories, meet Julia, Simon, Emma and Mimma in different life situations. Whether it is about investments, expatriation, governance or diversification, explore their interactions with their private bank BNP Paribas Wealth Management.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management Wealth Side Stories

Simon has just been promoted and he wants to take advantage of his extra income to diversify his current portfolio. His private banker suggests different options.

Julia, Teck&Go founder & CEO, is thinking about the future of her company. Her private banker will help her to elaborate the best strategy. 

Julia, as a dynamic entrepreneur, wants to invest in others companies to help them grow. Her private banker told her that Private Equity funds may be considered as an option.

Julia wants to sell shares of her company Teck&Go. Her private banker with his team of corporate investment bankers will help her to set up this operation.

Julia and Simon are discussing about the impacts of moving abroad and the importance of leveraging the local knowledge of their International Bank.

Mimma bought an office building fifteen years ago. Now she wants to invest in more real estate primarily to diversify but is looking for a more moderate investment this time. Her private banker proposed two options: listed real estate funds or unlisted ones.

Wealth Side Stories #7 Impact | BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Following her private banker advice, Mimma has created her philanthropic foundation. Emma is explaining how Mimma can have a positive impact.

Julia and Simmon want to find a less volatile investment than stocks, but likely to outperform their fixed income portfolio. Their private banker offers them to invest in alternative investments.