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#Corporate News — 20.12.2017

We Won’t Promise You The Moon And The Stars

Vincent Lecomte, Co-CEO of BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Our clients want to know what they can expect from us. They do not want us to over-promise on what we cannot deliver. In addition to that legitimate aspiration, our business knows a rapid transformation, whether it is about client experience, service models, regulations...

That’s why we recently worked on a new way to present our value-proposition. Our 4 Wealth Management client promises are now matching the most important client expectations with our own capabilities to answer them. Each of these promises is backed by concrete proofs, whether it is a product, a service, a digital tool or networking opportunities.

1. Our first promise: “We make our advice as distinctive as you are.”
Throughout the close relationship we build with our clients, we tailor the right investment strategy for them—adapted to the goals clients have carefully defined with us.  We bring to clients advice and solution that reflect who they are and what they need.

2. Our second promise: “We design the future of your wealth, based on your values.” Our clients want a partner who accompanies them over the long-term with solutions that will secure not only their wealth but also their values.  Our wealth planning services do just that.  And our impact-driven investments and philanthropy expertise allow clients to invest in what’s important to them and their family.

3. Our third client promise:  “We create connections to empower you, in finance and beyond.” We connect our clients to the right ideas and the right experts—both within and outside the bank.  We connect our clients to their peers—through local and worldwide communities, events and networking opportunities.

4. Our fourth and final client promise:  “We aim to deliver an excellent, smooth and fast experience.” Our clients will find stream-lined processes and new digital solutions that will make their relationship with us the envy of the industry.


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