Exclusive Webinar PAI Partners VIII

PAI Partners VIII

Exclusive Webinar


Friday 28th January 2022

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Join our session with:

PAI Partners

…who will share insights into their latest buyout fund offering: PAI Partners VIII


3’ Video – All you need to know about PAI Partners VIII



PAI Partners: a European Buyout Manager with a Strong and Consistent Track-record*


PAI has an experienced team of 116 professionals based in 8 countries. They invest, via Leveraged Buyouts, in medium- and large-sized unlisted companies, and essentially as a majority shareholder. The companies they select are market leaders, usually located in Western Europe.

Furthermore, PAI focuses on its 4 sectors of expertise, namely: Food & Consumer, Business Services, General Industrials and Healthcare.

Since 1994, PAI has invested more than 15 billion euros in 84 companies through its 7 funds. Of the 55 investments already exited, the gross return was very high, in other words 2.5x the invested amount, with an internal rate of return of 28%. This good track record makes PAI one of the top-performing private equity firms in Europe.


Total Realised Gross IRR*







Total Realised Gross MOIC*


Note: As of June 30, 2021.

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performances. No guarantee is given on the success, profitability, return or benefit of this investment.



Your investment opportunity: PAI Partners VIII


Strong  track-record

Accessing a leading investment platform in Europe

With its 116 professionals across 8 offices, PAI has a strong local presence in Europe


A player with deep sector expertise

PAI has been operating in its core sectors for decades, with more than 75 buyouts in the 4 sectors of fund VIII, giving it perspective on their long-term evolution

A pre-eminent consolidator

A pre-eminent consolidator

PAI has built an expertise in driving ambitious expansion in a fragmented Europe, with 250+ add-ons acquisition across the last 3 funds, representing €1.3bn of acquired EBITDA

A strong know-how in strategic partnerships

A strong know-how in strategic partnerships

Thanks to its long-term and established network of leading industry players, PAI has done more than 20 strategic partnership deals offering lower entry multiple and great returns (4x MOIC on realized partnerships)*

Attractive Sectors


Strong & Consistent Track Record*

2,5 Gross realized MOIC and a 28% gross realized IRR since 1994 through 55 realizations, with 88% of investments >2x since 2008

Note: As of June 30, 2021.

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performances. No guarantee is given on the success, profitability, return or benefit of this investment.

*** On growth buyout investments.


Our Speakers

Claire Roborel de Climens

Claire Roborel de Climens

Global Head of Private and Alternative Investments

BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Ivan Massonat - Chief Operating Officer - PAI Partners

Ivan Massonnat

Partner - Investor Relations

PAI Partners

Gaëlle d’Engremont - Head of Food & Consumer sector - PAI Partners

Gaëlle d’Engremont

Partner - Head of Food & Consumer sector

PAI Partners


Since joining BNP Paribas Wealth Management in 2004, Mrs. Roborel de Climens has set up the Private Equity  Group, which she continues to run and taken on additional responsibilities including the Real Estate activity in 2010, the Hedge Funds activity in 2015 as well as Strategic-A (asset allocation service), Philanthropy Advisory and AgriFrance. Claire is a member of the Advisory Board of many Global and European Private Equity and Real Estate funds.  She is a Board member of Global General Partner, the AIFM manager of PERE feeder funds and member of the Supervisory Board BNP Paribas Real Estate investment Management France (REIM). Prior to joining BNP Paribas Wealth Management, Mrs. Roborel de Climens worked 10 years for PAI Partners, a leading pan-European Private Equity firm,  in the Finance Department ,  Investors Relationships group  and in the General Industrials sector. Before PAI, Mrs. Roborel de Climens was a manager at Ernst & Young for 6 years, focusing mainly on acquisition due diligence on behalf of Private Equity funds.


Ivan first joined PAI in 2000 as a member of the Investment Group, where he was involved in a number of transactions including Elis. In 2004 Ivan started to focus on PAI’s investor relations and fundraising activities. In 2008, he joined Fondations Capital as a Partner and Chief Operating Officer. Late 2010, he rejoined PAI as a member of the Investor Team. Since 2017, he has also been overseeing PAI’s ESG Team and he is the Chairman of PAI Community, the firm’s charitable foundation. He started his career at Paribas, holding an e-business consulting role to various business lines within the investment bank in Paris, New York and London.



Gaëlle joined PAI in 2004 and is the Head of the Food & Consumer Team and member of the Investment Committee. She has been involved in a number of investments including Asmodee, B&B Hotels, Chr. Hansen, Ecotone, European Camping Group, Euro Ethnic Foods, Froneri, Labeyrie Fine Foods, Perstorp, Roompot, The Compleat Food Group and United Biscuits. She started her career at Unibail, where she spent two years, before spending four years at Group Casino.


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