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Are you looking to finance a Private Jet or a Yacht? BNP Paribas will be there for you every step of the way and offers customised financing solutions.


Your trusted financial partner

Capitalising on the expertise of the BNP Paribas Group, we are there for you through every step of your project, offering you a wide range of financing services:

  • Mortgage loan, Finance lease
  • Pre- and post-delivery financing, refinancing
  • Under construction, on delivery, first-hand, second-hand
  • Fixed or floating rates
  • Multi-currency financing (USD, EUR, CHF, etc…)

BNP Paribas’ multi-expertise and sectoral knowledge guarantees incomparable flexibility for the success of your project.

The success of your project is our priority. Our Jet Finance team is your trusted partner through every step of your project financing plan. Our experts will be your dedicated contacts in financing your private medium- and long-range Jet of a value greater than USD 15 million or your VIP helicopter.


More than 35 years of experience


You will benefit from the recognised expertise and customised support of our specialists. To ensure the success of your project, our specialists are supported by our international network of manufacturers, operators, managers, insurers, brokers and law firms specialising in aviation.

With expertise rooted in Shipping, our team is made up of passionate maritime bankers with a combined experience of more than 40 years in the Yachting industry.


Over 50 Super/Mega Yachts financed in 10 years
by our Yacht Finance team


Our maritime specialists are there for you through every step of your project, offering you a customised service for your project, whether it’s a 30-metre (or longer) Sailing Yacht or Motor Yacht, under construction, new or second-hand. We stand by you while meeting your needs and offering you customised solutions.

To ensure the success of your project, our experts work in close cooperation with the best specialists in the sector. Our experts are supported by specialised lawyers, maritime experts, brokers, yacht managers, project managers, naval architects, designers and reputable insurers.