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This home screen is the entry point of the smart phone/tablet application. The latest section viewed will display automatically at the next connection. Home screen allows access through the bottom menu to the main application features: Share, Activity, Network, More.

It is also possible from the home screen to switch from the Investments' universe to the Real Estate universe.

The display of the activity stream is by posting date, combining questions, comments and search for co-investors.

To access an item via the home page, the Member clicks directly on the question/comment/co-investment opportunity available in the stream of activity and will be redirected to the question, comment or co investment opportunity detailed screen.


The Menu at the bottom of the screen on all pages allows a one-click access to all features available in the application.


The Share Menu allows creating, publishing and sharing ideas or questions on the platform.

Members can create and publish three types of posts:

  1. Share an idea
  2. Find a co-investor
  3. Post a question


This section allows Members to look for a match in the Members' database of the platform. This section is to encourage communication between Members.

Members can use the search box to search by keywords for specific members depending on their locations/sectors. List of names will be displayed in an alphabetical order.

Once a Member clicks on a profile, he/she will see the Member's full detailed profile page. He/she will be able to contact them directly by email.

A filter is available to display only Members that have the same interest as the Member (for example 12 Members interested in Vineyards).


In this section, Members can keep track of his/her activity in the application.

The feed displays comments shared, co-investment opportunities.

The screen also displays a recap of the last exchanged comments.


The menu “More” displays the following functionalities:

1) List of the four Leaders' Connectors to contact in the event of:

  • Members needing help to navigate through the application;
  • Reporting a bug.  

2) 4 buttons to access:

  1. Profile: to edit the profile/update it;
  2. The FAQ;
  3. Button to disconnect/log out from the application;
  4. Link to the Terms and Conditions of the Real Estate universe when in the Real Estate universe and of the Investments universe when in this universe.


Two different push notifications are available:

  1. Members receive a notification each time a co-investment opportunity is published;
  2. Members receive a notification each time a comment on his/her post has been published by another Member.