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How To Sign Up


Application is by invitation-only from a BNP Paribas Wealth Management’s Relationship Manager. Members  have to  sign a “consent to disclosure form” to authorise their private bankers to pass their name, email address and mobile number to the Leaders’ Connectors to create their profile. The Leaders’ Connectors are BNP Paribas Wealth management staff and part of the Key Client Group team.

  1. The Leaders’ Connector will manually input Members information provided by the Relationship Manager in the back office of the platform. Mandatory information for first time log in is the email registered in BNP Paribas Wealth Management Division’s system, phone number and name.
  2. Eligible Members download the application from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  3. Member enters his/her phone number, then clicks submit which sends a message to the Member’s phone with a 6-digit one-time password code, the Member enters this code on the screen.

The application opens, the terms and conditions appear; the Member has to agree to the terms and conditions to access next screen. Terms and conditions will include a section authorizing BNP Paribas Wealth Management Division to share information with BNP Paribas Wealth Management Division's staff administrating the site.

The following screen explains how BNP Paribas will use the Member's data stored in the application. Member presses the "acknowledge" button to go to next screen.

A pre-filled profile will appear, the Member can populate/amend text, there is no required information. Members can choose to display their full last name or first initial only.  

Once profile is created, the Member can chose to view the Investments' universe or the Real Estate universe.

When logging in for the first time to each of the universes, a disclaimer pop-up will appear that the Member has to approve.

The disclaimer will reappear at every connection to the "Real Estate" universe which is part of BNP Paribas Property SNC. 



The Member will log into the application using their phone's touch ID or 6-digit password. Once logged in, the disclaimer, information screen and profile will no longer be displayed. Members can edit their profile at all times in the "More" section of the application.