Leveraging Credit

Are you looking to increase your financial capacity through strategic investments? Your Relationship Manager will show you the full range of financing solutions to help kick-start your projects.


Whatever your needs, BNP Paribas Wealth Management has the capacity to structure straight financing, re-financing and cash extraction through four major types of loans. Our dedicated credit team, in cooperation with the various business lines of BNP Paribas, assists you in the structuring of customized financing solutions to meet your specific needs.



We have a well capitalised NBFC to cater to the funding needs of our clients with tenors of a maximum maturity of 1 year. The lending limits differ basis the credit assesment of the borrower. We lend to individuals and other legal entities such as corporates, partnership firms, associations & private trusts against marketable securities such as equity shares, debt instruments (corporate  & PSU bonds) & mutual fund schemes .



It shouldn't be complicated to finance lifestyle projects, acquire a piece of art or achieve your most precious goals in life. If you need to finance specific projects for personal or business needs, our Lombard Consumer solutions will provide you with true cash extraction flexibility without breaking up your existing investments.


If you are looking to seize market opportunities, Lombard Leverage can help you acquire additional financial instruments by leveraging your portfolio and the investments you are considering. This financing solution allows you to maximize your financial assets’ worth by taking a leveraged risk on the value of your portfolio that can be loaned.


Are you looking to finance a Private Jet or a Yacht?


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