Discretionary Portfolio Management - Benchmarks¹

The new European regulation known as "MiFID II" aims to strengthen investor protection. In order to meet the requirements of this regulation and to provide you with fair and transparent information on the performance of your mandate, we have identified a relevant benchmark based on the profile of your management mandate.



The indices performance table (page 2) ables you to compare the performance of your management mandate to the market in complete transparency.

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¹What is a benchmark?

The Benchmark is a reference for comparison purposes. It makes it possible to measure the performance of a mandate or a security, and to evaluate it in relation to this reference. The indices are, for example, benchmarks. Thus, to measure the performance of a stock listed on the Stoxx Europe 600, its evolution over a given period is compared with the index. If the stock's performance is superior, it is said to outperform the index.