Investment opportunities in a low interest rate environment


What we mean by low and moderate risk

By «low-risk», we understand a solution that has a moderate probability of losing a small amount of money, or has a low probability of losing a significant amount of money.

An investment solution with a « moderate risk» has obviously a higher probability of achieving a loss and/or may likely result in a higher loss (versus a low-risk solution).


EUR-denominated investment grade floating bonds

Investors holding bonds with a positive return until maturity will suffer a loss (taking into account coupons paid and redemption of capital at maturity) only if the borrower exhibits a default.

As low risk investment solutions, we present here EUR-denominated investment grade floating bonds. We focus on bonds from American auto manufacturers, maturing within a 3- to 5-year horizon, with an investment grade rating and a decent expected return.


Investment grade bonds denominated in Norwegian Krona

We highlight investment grade bonds denominated in Norwegian Krona (NOK), as we expect the NOK to strengthen against the EUR in the quarters to come. We also choose some hybrids bonds, which come with a higher risk but also with a higher return.


Opportunities according to your risk and return objectives

We have selected and combined the most appropriate alternative solutions depending on whether you wish to avoid a negative return, protect your capital from inflation or increase it with a minimum of risk.   

Our selection of mutual funds will help you to diversify assets classes, currencies and geographical areas. This is an opportunity for you to gain flexible and low correlation exposure to equity and bond markets.