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Strategic asset allocation

Are you a high-net-worth individual seeking a consolidated overview of the structure of your portfolio, as well as risk and reward indicators and a qualitative diagnosis? If so, Strategic-A is the tool for you: based on your specific objectives, plans and personal constraints, our team of experts analyses your portfolio’s strategic allocation and highlights areas for improvement.

Allocate Yours Assets Intelligently


Strategic-A is a powerful decision-making tool that helps you to identify all the elements you need to build an efficient long-term asset allocation strategy. This is particularly useful if you have a significant amount of cash to invest, for example after inheritance or the sale of a business.

The key stages of Strategic-A analysis are: 

  • Providing a consolidated and structured overview of your portfolio, regardless of the host bank and broken down by asset class, including illiquid and unlisted assets (e.g. direct real estate, private equity, a private business or hereditaments)
  • Using our proprietary model to perform a detailed diagnosis of your assets’ risk/reward profile 
  • Identifying and modelling the various foreseeable scenarios so that you can optimise your asset allocation with a view to better reflecting your investor profile and specific needs

By examining all aspects of your current estate and clarifying certain long-term allocation objectives, Strategic-A’s unique and instructive approach can serve as a starting point for thinking about estate planning.

By considering your personal objectives and constraints, our Strategic-A experts can help you to clearly identify the best and most effective asset allocation choices for the future of your estate.