The founder and the pioneer of Private Banking in Turkey, TEB continues to serve in Private Banking area with TEB Private, partnered and powered by BNP Paribas Wealth Management. 

Based on our vision "Your assets have a story, let's write their future together' we aim at not only meeting your financial needs but also supporting you every phase of your life.  

Today, distance is a matter of past when it comes to investment opportunities. While you are on the move, you can non-stop access both our experts and banking products at any moment through our hi-tech solutions, you can evaluate opportunities and simultaneously keep tabs on global markets. 

In new economy, investments convert into value at any moment.  We know how important timing is in catching up with original ideas.  That is why we keep tabs on all new trends in banking products as well as the top ideas that attract investments and offer them for your consideration.   

Our investment advisers equipped with international investment experience of our global power opens new horizons for you in investment opportunities.  

By blending long-standing private banking applications of BNP Paribas Wealth Management in many countries, notably of France,  Italy and Belgium with TEB Private Banking experience and expertise, we offer special services customized to not only present assets of our customers but also prospective needs of them as well as their family members.     All along the line, we implement our "Know Your Customer" analysis in order to better know our customers, quantify their needs and expectations. 

Regardless of the changing market conditions, our TEB Private Customer Agents are ready at your service in a business model which thinks of your assets in your stead at any time, alerts you about changing conditions while providing new perspectives.

We, as TEB Private Banking, first of all, identify your investor profile under the "Customized Portfolio Management" perspective.  Then, we offer you the portfolio management model options, suited best to you and your assets, each created on the basis of global market foresight of TEB Investment Experts and BNP Paribas Wealth Management taking different risk rates into account. 

We scrutinize every detail of your portfolio from the most basic daily transactions to the most sophisticated needs and TEB Private Credit Cards customized to you. 

While evaluating your medium and long-term investment decisions, we search for you the different maturities and variable interest rates for all of your emerging loan needs, more important for what type of loan you need that matches your needs.