Dedicated to the exclusive customers of TEB, Wealth Management Service of TEB Private Banking is the collection of products and services supported and powered by the 30 years of experience of TEB Private Banking, the first Private Banking service-provider of Turkey.


With Wealth Management Service, TEB Private Banking mainly aims at providing the individuals with the information, product, advisory services, financial or non-financial, they needed in their present and future planning through its local and global experts.    These sprawling services include very diverse areas that our customer will need advisory assistance from stock sales to company acquisition, from shareholding structure change to the need for family constitution. 

Designed to match the today's needs as well as near future expectations, Wealth Management Service is available to client and family members who hold assets worth of TRY 15 million and over in TEB Private Banking and receive service from TEB Private Banking Customer Agents.    

Clients of TEB Private WealthManagement Service, together with their family members, can benefit from entire host of TEB Private Wealth Management Services. 

The companies that are owned/partnered by clients of TEB Private Wealth Management Service and hold an account in TEB are automatically subscribed to Welath Management Services.  

With the approach of "Client Behaviour Analysis", Wealth Management Sales Managers, who have an industrial experience of over 25 years, scrutinizes the needs and expectations of Wealth Management clients as well as their investment behaviours, risk preferences and interests.      Evaluating not only individual, family, company but also company personnel with the special analyses, professional staff identifies the solutions dedicated and customized to the clients of Wealth Management and meets professionals with the client.  The processes are followed up personally by Wealth Management Sales Managers.    

Private Investment Advisors analyse the assets and financial status of clients of Wealth Management Service and provide customized investment advisory service with the solutions  relative to their client’s financial status.    The planning is designed to match the long-term plans of the client.  This service can take the form of putting the complete management of portfolio, as determined, to the hands of professional team or taking actions per transaction basis after evaluation by the client of customized investment advises from investment experts.

For family companies, it is crucial to preserve and transfer the family values, company culture and basic principles as well as family wealth generated by the longer years of family efforts to the next generations in the most proper manner possible.  It is possible to ensure institutionalization of a family company by creating written rules on many matters from creation of policies on important matters concerning the family to the tasks and responsibilities of the family members in the company, all under the guidance of company's vision and mission.  

It is a must to create a body of written rules, to be abided by all family members, which will reinforce the communication among family members and keep family company away from the familial conflicts and changes towards an institutionalization of the family company.  The most common method to maintain such a body of written rules is the establishment of the "Family Constitution".  The Family Constitution, which will be developed under mutual opinions and decisions shared among all family members, in general terms, defines and regulates such subject matters as the management form of company, who will be recruited by the company under what conditions, the basic principles expected of the company to abide and more importantly the ownership concerns, namely how the company will be transferred to next generations.  

TEB Private Wealth Management Service takes and considers this very basic and important matter requiring special expertise as a whole with financial, legal, tax, professional aspects in order to safeguard their wealth against diverse risks in the future.   

Wealth Management Sales Manager provides the necessary coordination for meeting the professional teams with our clients who need advisory on Family Constitution, after comprehensive need analysis in cooperation with our clients of Wealth Management Service.  

Wealth Management Service clients come together with professional staff, where they can benefit from experience of our global partner, BNP Paribas, on the subjects such as domestic and foreign company acquisitions and sales, stock transfers, partnership agreements.   These special meetings are under the coordination of Wealth Management Sales Manager in order to ensure that your assets are transferred at the best prices and in the best manner.   

Personal or family assets of the Wealth Management Service clients can be either real estate, boat or work of art and they are assessed in the professional hands with a view to develop a comprehensive and long-term protection plan.