Webcast: Deciphering China

Since July 2021, Hong Kong & China markets have witnessed a meaningful correction triggered by the regulatory tightening in China, since then the Hang Seng Technology Index has seen a significant decline. This in addition to the unfavourable geopolitical risk environment, the ongoing trade war with the U.S, and concerns on onshore credit market continue to weigh on the overall market sentiment.

Some of the burning questions investors may have are: “Where is China heading for the remainder and the following year? How does the recent policy change resolve some of the long-outstanding social issues in China? For a potential market turnaround, what policy signal should we look out for?”

In this webcast Xindong Chen, Chief China Economist, Head of Global Market Research (China), together with Gabriel Chan, Head of Investment Services, Hong Kong, Timothy Fung, Head of Equity Advisory Asia, and Vincent Lam, Director of Fixed Income Advisory Asia, address some of the immediate issues investors are facing and how China is likely to emerge from this current state of affairs.

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