#Articles — 06.01.2020


Presented by our team of investment strategy experts

Easing political risks and improving economic indicators will support the upward trend in risky assets in 2020.  Like last year, our 10 investment themes for 2020 will mainly focus on the equity markets using tactical and structural themes.

The first three themes are aimed at investors with a more conservative profile and offer solutions in lower volatility assets. The fourth and fifth themes address opportunities in global trends such as deglobalisation and fiscal stimulus policies.

Themes 6 and 7 relate to a transition towards a more socially-responsible world, with a focus on environmental issues and human capital. The last three themes focus on structural trends such as ‘disruption’ innovation, the digitalisation of consumption and technological innovations in the health care sector.

Investment Theme 2019 | BNP Paribas Wealth Management


Innovations in health care:  technology multiplies discoveries and new applications