#Articles — 09.11.2020

An effective vaccine is coming soon

Florent Bronès, Chief Investment Officer

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Today at 12.40 p.m, there was some important news about pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech SE announcing some very promising results from the vaccine that these two companies are developing. They suggest that an effective vaccine in 90% of cases would be available by the end of 2020. Of course, this information must be verified, the tests must be validated by the FDA, and it will take time to formally approve the product. Large-scale production will also take time. But it would show that the definitive solution to the Covid-19 pandemic is approaching.


This news is fundamental and it corresponds to the positive risk we mention in our publications in the face of disaster scenarios that often receive media attention. This vaccine would help to take control of the pandemic that has cost more than 1.2 million lives so far, and put an end to the global economy's worst recession in 70 years.


Another Anglo-Saxon expression is emerging: “Fear Of Missing Out”, or the fear of missing the upside. All equity markets have had an exceptional day of gains (at the time of writing, the Eurostoxx +6.5%, CAC40 +7.5%, futures on S&P 500 + 4.5%, Brent +8.5% to $42.8 per barrel). Bond rates rose sharply and the dollar was stable.