#Entrepreneurs — 28.02.2020

Entrepreneur Investments in China - Country Snapshot

Excerpt from Global Entrepreneur Report 2020 - Part 1

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  • Entrepreneurs in China have the highest portfolio allocation to their own business in our research audience, at 35% of their investable assets.
  • 44% of Chinese entrepreneurs are considering making further investments into their own businesses as a result of the interest rate environment while 38% intend to purchase property.
  • In the long-term (i.e. more than five years), 68% of business owners in China believe that investing sustainably results in lower financial returns.


Average Age                                            60 years 

Average Net Worth                                 US$54,544,944

Proportion of female entrepreneurs    4%

History of entrepreneurship in family   80%


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Top 5 Investment Portfolio Allocation

1. Owned Business                                      35% 

2. Real Estate                                                14%

3. Cash                                                            13%

4. Stocks                                                         12%

5. Private Equity                                             9%

china investment portfolio allocation

All Preferences - Investment Portfolio Allocation

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China Entrepreneurs - Greatest Portfolio Risks