#Entrepreneurs — 12.03.2020

Entrepreneur Investments in Hong Kong

Excerpt from Global Entrepreneur Report 2020 - Part 1

entrepreneur investments in hong kong
  • Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong have the third highest portfolio allocation to their own business in our research audience, at 29% of their investable assets.
  • 52% of entrepreneurs in Hong Kong who actively pay attention to their portfolio are worried about the impact on their wealth of currency fluctuations; 55% are worried about global stock market volatility.
  • The most likely action to be taken by Hong Kong entrepreneurs in response to the current interest rate environment is to invest more into their own businesses, which 39% plan to do. 


Average Age                                            56 years 

Average Net Worth                                 US$46,862,275

Proportion of female entrepreneurs    22%

History of entrepreneurship in family   67%

entrepreneur investments in hong kong


Top 5 Investment Portfolio Allocation

1. Owned Business                                      29% 

2. Cash                                                           16%

3. Stocks                                                        14%

4. Fixed Income                                            11%

5. Real Estate                                                10%

hong kong entrepreneurs investment allocations

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