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Fourth Edition of the Women Entrepreneur Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business

40 talented women entrepreneurs from 14 countries will attend a week-long program on leadership and accelerating business run from 8 to 13 of July by BNP Paribas Wealth Management and the Women Initiative Foundation on the Stanford Campus (California, USA).

  • This exclusive customized program aims to offer a mix of knowledge, skill acquisition and development. The entrepreneurs were selected for their experience and their growing companies with a broad international appeal.
  • Participants will benefit from an international networking and business support 

  • Over the course of this 4 year-long initiative, BNP Paribas Wealth Management will have provided more than 150 women with training from the Stanford Graduate School of Business along with personal and professional development

In partnership with the Women Initiative Foundation, BNP Paribas Wealth Management will gather leading international women entrepreneurs from Belgium, France, Hong Kong SAR, China; Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Morocco, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, China; Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. These entrepreneurs represent various sectors of activity including education, hospitality, health, wholesale, fashion, film production, ultra-cleans, data capture, navigation solutions, consulting, OTA, manufacturing,  real estate, food & beverage.

“As a leading private bank, we create connections to empower entrepreneurs, in finance and beyond. This program is all about connecting these talentful women with new ideas, new people, new places and actually new business opportunities!”


Sofia Merlo

Co-CEO of BNP Paribas Wealth Management

This content-rich week is built on three pillars:

  • Academic insight with faculty from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • Company and incubator site visits in the Silicon Valley.

  • Networking sessions among participants to explore potential business opportunities.


What’s new this year:

  • A roundtable discussion chaired by the former President of the Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco with women having succeeded in setting up in Silicon Valley

  • A fireside chat and dinner with Jeff Clavier, Founder and Managing Partner of ‘Uncork Capital’, one of the original seed venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.

  • Visit of ‘Hive Data’, an incubator specialized in artificial intelligence

"Through educational programs, mentoring and outreach activities, the Woman Initiative Foundation is a resource for women entrepreneurs, employers and public policy makers. We are proud that The Stanford Program contributes to the global discussion on gender diversity and to the promotion of women in the entrepreneurial space. Plus, it's an incredible opportunity to discover the vibrant campus and intellectually challenging atmosphere of this world-renowned academic institution."


President of the Women Initiative Foundation


The Stanford Program highlights BNP Paribas Wealth Management's commitment to understand, serve and celebrate women entrepreneurs.

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Discover some of the 2018 participants:  

Marie-Hélène Baudoux, CEO of CONFORMAT
Philippine Janssens, Founder & CEO of Philippine Janssens
Bénédicte MERCIER, co-Chair of Sodebo
Béatrice Korsakissok, co-Founder of SYNTONY
Laurence Lascary, Founder of DE L’AUTRE COTE DU PERIPH’ (DACP)
Sophie Mouterde, Founding Partner of Opusline
Alix Pradère, Founding Partner of Opusline
Nathalie Sokoloff, Founder of A Different Kind of Animal
Karine Tardon, Founder and CEO of Karine & Jeff

Valentine Berghmans, Plant Manager Hermalle, LHOIST GROUP
Monique Coppieters, CEO of Sopura Group
Ann De Raedt, Owner and director of Medina

Alessandra Angelini, Partner at Altesino srl, Borgo Scopeto srl, Gaiae II srl, Gaiae International
Sonia Bonfiglioli, President of Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A.
Annalisa Macchiaverna, Board Member at Brookers SPA and Casoni Fabbricazioni Liquori S.p.A.
Valentina Volta, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A

Carole Muller, CEO of Fisher S.A.

Loubna Chraïbi, CEO of Mouna Holding
Salwa Rabi Andaloussi, co-Founder and Chief Executive Manager Elbilia Léon l'Africain Group

Teresa Drozdz, Restaurant Owner

Nihan Colak Erol, CEO  Enuygun.com

Tala Al Ramahi, Chief Strategic Officer of the Special Olympics World Games 2019

Viola Chen, Founder & President of Kuan’s Living
Kristine Li Senior Deputy General Manager, Portfolio Leasing, Henderson Land Development Company Limited – Hong Kong
Elizabeth WANG Executive Vice President of Chia Hsin Cement Corporation - Taiwan

Cindy Galardi CULPEPPER, CEO of Galardi Group
Hazel Hu, Founder and President of Permasteel Inc
Mitra Malek, CEO & Founder, MPM Corporation
Chrisa Pappas, co-owner of Pappas Investments & founder of chrisapappas.com
Tina Woodside, President and co-owner of Earth Basics Contracting 

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About the Women Initiative Foundation (WIF)

Launched in 2016, WIF gathers, organizes and leads a large network (WIFs Global Circle Network) composed of mentees and mentors, strategic partners such as BNP Paribas, company managers, experts and friends, in France as well as on an international scale (Europe and the United States). WIF encourages the promotion of women in business and in economy generally and aspires to become a laboratory of ideas as well as a strong voice in favor of the equality, respect and recognition of women in business. Beyond its action of philanthropic sponsoring, its goal is to encourage research on these themes through studies, Pan European reports and specialized works. At the end of 2016, WIF launched a transatlantic program intended for the French entrepreneurs wishing to develop their activities in the United States, receiving support from American mentors, and to the American entrepreneurs willing to establish their companies in Europe with the cooperation of a European mentor.   


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