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#Market Strategy — 16.09.2019


Prashant Bhayani, Chief Investment Officer, Asia

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THIS WEEK'S PODCAST: China Accelerates “Mid-Autumn Gifts” to the Market



Can Central Banks be Super-Heroes? Will it lead to Currency Wars?

With the end of the trade truce, the spotlight has burned bright again on the central banks as rate cuts accelerated around the globe. But can this lead to currency wars?

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Why Hong Kong’s long-term fundamentals and liquidity remain resilient

9 key reasons why Hong Kong’s long-term fundamentals and liquidity remain resilient

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Follow Twitter not Jackson Hole

As trade rhetoric overshadowed the Fed Summit last week, Prashant Bhayani reviews the takeaways and the market reaction.

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Will Gold continue to shine?

4 reasons why gold will continue to shine (and why investors should accumulate gold on dips).

Grace Tam, Chief Investment Advisor, Hong Kong


A global synchronized monetary easing is playing out

After the Fed delivered its first rate cut since 2008, central banks across countries have followed suit. Will this global monetary easing be sufficient to revive growth?

Grace Tam, Chief Investment Advisor, Hong Kong


Trade Truce Ends with a Tweet

As the announcement to impose 10% tariffs on the remaining $300 bn of China’s imports ended a month-long truce, Prashant Bhayani highlights the takeaways and the key things to watch tactically.

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Can the Federal Reserve Help Extend the Longest Economic Cycle in History?

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Discover why European Equities have had the best start of the year since 1998

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Cash is Not King! Cash is a Drag…This week we revisit how cash can be a drag in an investor’s portfolio.

In a year of strong year-to-date returns in both bonds & equities, Prashant Bhayani discusses why cash can be a drag in an investor’s portfolio. His mantra: Stay diversified, stay invested!

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Gold: Continue to Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


The trillion dollar question after the G-20 meetings: How long will trade tensions last?

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


FOMC Meeting: Powell throws in the towel

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Slow We Go! An update on the US economy

A quick update on the US economy following the weaker economic data and changing rate expectations.

Prashant Bhanyani, CIO Asia


Which countries may benefit the most from US-China trade tensions? Prashant Bhayani shares his views

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Why Treasury yields dropped sharply last week? How low can they go?

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


India gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi a strong second-term mandate. What are the implications for the Indian economy?

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Sino-US trade tensions could linger for longer. What are the implications?

As Sino-US trade tensions flare up again, we examine the potential impact of an ongoing tradewar on their respective economies.

Grace Tam, Chief Investment Adviser, Hong Kong


Market could be pricing a “trade deal” despite new tariffs kick in

Our Asia CIO dissects the #tradewar scenario for you

Prashant Bhayani, CIO, Asia


Diversification Strategies in May: Stay in May and Diversify Away

In this edition, our Asia CIO points out why this may be an excellent time to diversify your portfolio exposure.

Prashant Bhayani, CIO, Asia


China Update: Taking foot off the pedal but to maintain cruising speed.

Listen to a brief analysis by our Asia CIO after the politburo's review of the country's economy in China

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Contrarian Corner: Overweight European Equities

Underweight on European #equities? Maybe, not! The recent fund manager survey largely supports an underweight position however our Asia CIO builds a case for why a contrarian view merits attention.

Prashant Bhayani CIO Asia


Better Payrolls Soothe Growth Fears

US job growth remains strong in March, so what does is it mean for interest rates?

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


The yield curve is inverting! Should we be worried?

Against the background of a sharp drop in Treasury yields, our Asia CIO, discusses the utility of the yield curve as a recession indicator, and more.

Prashant Bhayani, CIO, Asia


The Fed’s dovish surprise triggers growth concerns

Amid rising market worries & falling #US yields, we examine the key reasons behind the announcement and what should investors keep an eye on!

Grace Tam, Chief Investment Advisor, Hong Kong


Brexit deadline is near. Deal or no-deal?

In light of growing uncertainty and slowing growth, we look at the possible scenarios that could unfold in the coming weeks

Grace Tam, Chief Investment Advisor, Hong Kong


In the context of a larger than expected tax cuts in China: Should we stay positive despite strong rebound?

Grace Tam, Chief Investment Advisor, Hong Kong


If you want to understand global market movements focus on FINANCIAL CONDITIONS, not backward looking economic data.

Prashant Bhayani, CIO, Asia


Feeling Springy?

In today’s podcast, we focus on the green shoots of stimulus impact in China.

Prashant Bhayani, CIO, Asia


Moving to Short-Term Neutral in Global Equities but what do we think about Asian assets in this context?

In this week's podcast we analyse how Asian equity and bond performance may be affected in the context of slowing US growth.

Prashant Bhayani, CIO, Asia


US Treasury Yields: How Low Can They Go?

US Treasury Yields: How low can they go? We examine the reasons behind the fall of the 10-year Treasury yield to 2.63% last week, and what can we expect going ahead.

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia


Are Emerging Markets starting to shine?

Is the increasing interest in EM assets a trend that will continue?

Prashant Bhayani, CIO Asia