#Corporate News — 08.03.2023

Let’s Forge Positive Changes Together #EmbraceEquity

Today is a celebration of women's achievements that also serves as a reminder of the importance of gender equality. #EmbraceEquity

iwd 2023

Embrace Equity, this year’s theme, draws our attention to challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, identify bias and seek out inclusion.

Let’s hear from our women leaders at BNP Paribas Wealth Management on how they are embracing equity at workplace and what advice they have for young women just starting out.

Ruth Chung, Market Head, Greater China Singapore

“Only when we embrace equity at the workplace, we are able to understand and respect the fact that each person has different needs and requires different support to be successful.

The biggest challenge I have as a female leader is that I need to work doubly hard to be recognised for my achievement. Therefore, my advice to young females is to recognise their strengths, and work smart to develop and optimise their talents. Do not feel shy to ask for help, especially support for the family front.  Plan and learn to delegate tasks. You do not need to be perfect in everything and in every role.”


Shafali Sachdev, Head of Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities, Asia 

“Unconscious bias is very real, and it can be very hard to challenge because people are not even aware that they have it.

It is therefore important to believe in yourself. Do not let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do. Always work hard and over prepare - this will stand you in good stead. Do not be afraid to speak your mind as diverse opinions make for better decisions overall. Speaking up and holding one's ground is important, not just from your own personal point of view, but also for achieving better outcomes for the organisation overall.”

Alison Lim, Market Head, Southeast Asia

"Women form the majority of the workforce in private banking. They tend to thrive in our business given how they are typically very focused and organized; meticulous and sensitive to needs of clients and colleagues. 

However, this laser-sharp focus on tasks, goals and the needs of others, also mean that generally they do not prioritize fighting for themselves.  I have made it my mission to give such competent individuals a voice and a profile they deserve.  I am dedicated to highlighting their achievements and the infinite possibilities, giving them the branding and opportunity that they deserve."

Sharon Loh, Head of Active Advisory, Asia

"I strongly believe that family and career can co-exist but will take turns to be top priority. It will be important to make decisions rather than have circumstances dictate the outcome. Decisions will allow us to bring our best selves and be at peace with the choice we make.

Our careers are like a long marathon where we have to plan ahead and be prepared to change route or pace at different stage. Do not be afraid to find mentors who can guide and cheer you along. They can help you keep pace and sometimes, the routes that they have taken can be very inspirational."

At BNP Paribas, we see value in diversity, equal opportunity and the quality of our lives together. The Group works daily with all its stakeholders to create an environment that is respectful of everyone, based on equality, and where fighting discrimination represents a primary goal.

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