#Market Strategy — 17.04.2015

Market Strategy Video April 2015

Florent Bronès

Despite that the economic situation in the US and Europe is clearly improving, there have been a few unanticipated developments concerning the state of several emerging economies. Asia might still be enjoying strong growth, however Russia and Brazil will soon be in recession. In such a context of moderate growth without inflation, it is only logical that central banks remain accommodating out of a desire to lower unemployment rates. Even in the USA, where they have reached full employment once again, the US Federal Reserve still seems to be stalling their plans to hike their key rates this year, which will most likely only begin in September. No matter the outcome of the Fed's decision, our specialists predict that the US dollar will surely remain a strong currency over the next 12 months.

For more indepth insight and analysis into this month's market trends, watch this month's Market Strategy video

1. The economic tide has seemingly turned, but with a few surprising changes
2. Low inflation and accommodating central banks
3. The Fed and the US dollar
4. Our conclusions