#Market Strategy — 13.02.2015

Market Strategy Video February 2015

Florent Bronès

Several key events of this past month have proved to have a strong impact on the global financial markets. Not only did the ECB's recent announcement to buy EUR 60 billion  of bonds between now and September 2016 completely take the market by surprise, but so did their decision to make cash injections into the private banking sector. And although the Fed has not changed their views, the US is experiencing remarkable growth and a marked improvement of the labour market. The many European elections in 2016 will also surely have an impact on the European markets as the newly elected governments try to effect real changes locally. In the meanwhile, we are witnessing an upward trend in the stock market trends and thanks to the ECB's decision, the state of the main mature equity markets should continue to improve.

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1. The ECB's surprise move
2. The Fed stays true to its word
3. Impacts on the European market
4. In the aftermath of the Greek elections
5. Our insights