#Market Strategy — 23.07.2015

Market Strategy Video July 2015

Florent Bronès

Between the lengthy negotiations between Greece and its creditors and the vicious circle of declining shares prices on the Chinese stock market, the global financial markets seemed to be wreaked with havoc.

Yet somehow, financial contagion was averted and our previous market outlook continues to remain positive.

Unfortunately though, with volatility here to stay, the current investment scene is often perceived as overwhelmingly difficult to navigate from an investor’s perspective, despite that as our CIO Florent Bronès shares, “it’s time to gather up our courage and take advantage of the phases of doubt to strengthen positions.” That said, we fully realize that it’s easier to learn to take advantage of the many investment phases once the storm has passed, as opposed to while in the midst of it.

For more indepth insight and analysis on current market trends to help you with your financial planning and investments, watch this month’s Market Strategy video

1) Summer 2015 marked by financial turmoil across global markets
2) Greek negotiations
3) Getting the Chinese market back on track
4) Volatility is here to stay, and it’s not so bad
5) Our conclusions