#Market Strategy — 15.05.2015

Market Strategy Video May 2015

Roger Keller

With Anglo-Saxon countries leading the way, the general financial outlook for advanced economies is progressively improving. To date, there might still be a few temporary roadblocks on the path to a better global economy, but consumption and investment spending are clearly poised to improve.

In such a context, equities are predicted to remain in an uptrend thanks to a continued rise in earnings and to supportive relative valuations. When it comes to geographies, the best financial prospects today seem to be found in developed stock markets – with a few exceptions, such as China, Taiwan, Korea and Mexico. And not only do last month’s favorable economic trends have the benefit of positively influencing the cyclical sectors, they have contributed to improving consumer confidence! The bond market and the US dollar, on the other hand, are still having a hard time taking off. For investors looking for assets with a focus on global macro, long short equity and event driven strategies, alternative UCITS are an excellent option. Gold is also proving to be a stable investment.

Watch this month’s Market Strategy video for more indepth insight and analysis into current market trends

1. A sunny forecast for the global economy
2. Riding on the equities wave
3. A reverse in market trends: the return to favor of the developed economies
4. Back to basics: cyclical investment opportunities
5. Fixed income is good, but choose carefully
6. Diversity your portfolio with alternative UCITS
7. The US dollar, a trendless currency?