#Innovation — 25.07.2019

Quantum Leadership A new paradigm to help leaders unlock creativity, and foster well-being

In Conversation with Frederick Tsao, President, Family Business Network Asia


Q1 What is quantum leadership?

Well I think that quantum is a paradigm. And leadership is action of creativity. So, quantum leadership means that in the quantum paradigm, how we would create a future. And we, we are now in one era of industrial. And we have a whole bunch of challenges in this era.

Our current paradigm of industrial era of problem solving is a paradigm of thinking, of efficiency, of algebra, of logic and so forth.

But in a quantum paradigm, it's almost we are going into calculus, integrative, holistic. And unless we think like that, we cannot have solution.

As Einstein says, you cannot solve the problem you created with the same level of thinking.

Q2: How can quantum leadership help next generation entrepreneurs?

Well, next we are already towards the end of the industrial revolution. I mean, the AI creation and all the things and technology have finally succeeded with machine with high efficiency and almost no cost, producing work for men more effective than human.

What we have arrived at, the whole era of creating machine(s) taking over men's job and become more efficient economically in production of services and product, has reached almost its end point.

There might be a little improvement. So there must be a birth of a new era. And also the challenge of mankind is no longer production. If we have doubled the population today, we have enough production to cater for that, plus more.

So the NextGens are young people who are responsible for creating the future. Without a new paradigm, how could you create a new future? A new future needs higher consciousness to be created. 

Q3: How can the quantum paradigm help employees and communities?

The quantum paradigm is one paradigm that’s focusing on life itself. On life, on materialism and spiritual integrates. And we have only have life.

And so the whole coherency of the whole system means well-being. So well-being is the next era, as I see. So everybody will benefit from well-being, not only us, not only business, not only family, but every individual.

So it is equally aligned for the individual of each of the company, their being, the company being, the society the self being, and the world being. And so and everybody benefits in this coherency alignment.

Q4 How do you put this theory to work in everyday initiatives?

Now we are habits and pattern. So one of the things to begin with, is change the habits. And so it's a constant daily practice of mindfulness. being able to reach your destination.

We are so distracted, we are so conflicted, our creativity is therefore limited, and our well being and happiness being limited. So the whole process is constantly allowing this alignment to happen.

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