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#Market Strategy — 22.10.2016


Arnaud Tellier

2016 has been a challenging year for investors. Even though financial markets have recovered sharply following the Brexit vote, low volatility persists and global growth prospects remain subdued.


Ongoing discussions about possible economic stimulus programs from the US Federal Reserve before year end would produce conditions conducive for investment opportunity creation. However additional uncertainties around the outcome of US elections, the pace of US rate hike and geopolitical risks would likely impact the markets.

With cash still remaining as a core component in portfolios, the hunt for yield will continue and further intensify. In this complex environment, a differentiating solution designed to generate income while preserving wealth is essential to meet investor expectations.

Leveraging on active asset management and in-house structuring capacities, BNP Paribas’ wealth management group can develop bespoke solutions for clients which strive to deliver a higher return than cash deposits

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