#Market Strategy — 15.01.2018

Our Investment Advice Paid Off In 2017!

Florent Bronès

Florent Bronès, our Chief Investment Officer, reviews the different investment solutions we recommended in 2017.

Our 10 investment choices for 2017 delivered a fabulous performance.

The first group of themes selected for defensive investors, linked to the interest rate universe, registered a positive performance.

In equity markets, our bets outperformed: Reflation trade (+14% in €), technology innovation (+35.8% in $), connected objects (+43.6% in $), Chindia (+35.5 in $), secular trend (+28.9% in $ in the US and +24.7% in € in Europe), responsible investments (+7.3% in €) and companies with operating leverage (+25.9% in $).

Overall the performance was excellent, especially for dollar-based investors.