#Entrepreneurs — 24.10.2018

Wealth Side Stories #4: Selling Shares in a Listed Company

Julia wants to sell shares of her company Teck&Go. Her private banker with his team of corporate investment bankers will help her to set up this operation...


It’s been 25 years since I founded and managed the development of Teck&Go. After its IPO 10 years ago and successful international expansion, my company holds a secure and recognized position on the market. Something I’m particularly proud of! 

Simon makes fun of me, but I’m beginning to think about the future and my family’s future in particular. My company is everything to me and represents most of my wealth. My private banker has therefore advised me to diversify by selling a stake of 10%. In this way, I will be able to monetise some of my professional assets by recovering a significant amount while retaining control of my company. I have decided to take his advice. Investors have welcomed the news. This will increase Teck&Go’s share liquidity.

My private banker and his team of equity capital market experts have been very reassuring. For them, market conditions were optimal for launching an accelerated bookbuild (a quick offering within 2 days max). The investment bank team has set the operation’s dates, gathered the necessary documentation and most importantly, they fixed a satisfactory price level for me, without disadvantaging Teck&Go.They have been  able to prepare for the operation by identifying investors, in complete confidentiality.

They have all been a great help and today, thanks to the partial sale of my shares, I can face the future with confidence while enjoying the fruits of my labour.

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