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#Investments — 12.07.2016

Euromoney: BNP Paribas Wealth Management named Best Bank In Western Europe

BNP Paribas has been named “World's Best Bank” for 2016 by Euromoney, the leading global financial publication, in its prestigious annual Awards for Excellence.

The principal accolade of “World’s Best Bank” was one of eight won in total by BNP Paribas, which also included the regional awards “Best Bank in Western Europe” and “Best Bank for Transaction Services in Western Europe”.

Euromoney said: “BNP Paribas is that rarity today: a large bank actually delivering on its promises. It is producing better returns even than many of the big US banks, despite being anchored in a low-growth home region, all while proving the benefits of a diversified business model.  Only excellent bank management teams can satisfy shareholders, regulators and customers all at once today.

BNP Paribas has one of the very best. Loyal, technically proficient, not given to boasting or to grand visions, this team has built capital, reducing risk and boosting its customer market share. It also boasts a number of powerful global franchises, including a strong corporate and institutional banking business which is starting to excel in transaction services."

As well as “World’s Best Bank”, BNP Paribas also won the following awards:

  • Best Bank in Western Europe
  • Best Bank for Transaction Services in Western Europe
  • Best Bank for Wealth Management in Western Europe
  • Best Bank in France
  • Best Bank in Luxembourg
  • TEB (Turkish Economy Bank) – Best Bank for Corporate Social Responsibility in Central & Eastern Europe
  • TEB – Best Bank for SME’s in Central & Eastern Europe