Get Timely and Personalised Advice on Your Phone

  • Get tailor-made recommendations directly on your smartphone
  • Backed by BNP Paribas Portfolio Optimizer methodology
  • Exclusively available to MyAdvisory clients 

BeAdvised, a mobile featured advisory, is now exclusively offered to MyAdvisory clients. Available in Singapore currently, the new feature will be made available in phases to other MyAdvisory jurisdictions in the coming months.

BeAdvised will provide you with timely and personalised advice directly on your own device. You can access the feature via myWealth eBanking app.

For clients wishing to learn more about BeAdvised or MyAdvisory contractual advisory service, you may call your Relationship Manager or email us by clicking below.

Overview of MyAdvisory - A Personalised Advisory Service

A large part of the MyAdvisory contractual advisory service consists of our ability to understand your investment needs and combine it with our disciplined investment process and our  in-house analysis methodology.

BNP Paribas Portfolio Optimizer is an internally developed methodology used by the Bank to advise clients.

The underlying technology is built on the arbitrage pricing theory. Our model supposes that economic and financial factors (i.e. unanticipated rate of inflation, changes in risk premiums, P/E ratios, etc.) can help explain changes in risks and expected returns associated with financial assets, and can provide an estimation of assets’ theoretical fair prices.

BNP Paribas Portfolio Optimizer methodology will first apply our strategic asset allocation views and secondly identify proposed investments within the Bank’s investment universe. The objective of this two-step approach is to propose a portfolio in line with a targeted value at risk. It considers both historical data and the Bank’s forecasts.

We regularly monitor and update a set of financial instruments, which covers most asset classes. Those instruments are regrouped within the Bank’s investment universe which is regularly updated corresponding to our tactical and the strategic views on major financial assets.

The proposed portfolio, obtained using the BNP Paribas Portfolio Optimizer methodology, is the portfolio which is aligned with our market views in accordance with a specific investment profile.

More concretely, the proposed portfolio takes into account the Bank’s investment universe instruments, and combining historical risk data and combines risk correlations between instruments to provide a proposed portfolio that meets a target risk metric, therefore targeting maximum potential diversification.

The risk metric of the proposed portfolio falls within a certain value at risk range, which is set based on a specific investment profile. This risk metric range depends on market conditions (i.e. it is not fixed), and is revised from time to time by the Bank when necessary.

Here is an illustration of a simulated performance of optimized model portfolios by risk profile. 



Source: BNP Paribas, as of 30 August 2019 Optimised Model Portfolio simulated returns are in USD terms, including dividends, coupons, and currency impact, rebalanced at end of each month.

Get BeAdvised

Be Advised is one of the features of myWealth, your dedicated e-banking solution. This advisory service is exclusively available for smartphone.

To install it, make sure to have downloaded myWealth App, and to have communicated your phone number to your Relationship Manager. After that, "Be Advised" will appear in the menu of your myWealth App.