Seek Sustainable Performance

Seeking sustainable performance

Positive Impact by BNP Paribas Wealth Management

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Companies that incorporate Environmental (E), Social (S) and Corporate governance (G) issues into their strategy are more likely to deliver sustainable performance. Such is our conviction!

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This is why our Positive Impact team places a particular emphasis on the integration of these ESG criteria and assigns a rating of 0 to 5 clovers to enable you to assess, at a glance, the level of impact for each investment solution.


Here are a few examples

 • A company, which actively promotes the safety and well-being of its employees will thus have less risk of workplace accidents, social disputes and absenteeism that could harm its profitability.

•  A company, which reduces the amount of its packaging will limit the impact of its products on the environment and simultaneously achieve cost savings.



Transform your investment approach by integrating different levels of positive impact

We have created a simple guide, which explains the 4 main approaches to responsible investing and the different ways of seeking sustainable performance.

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