Strategic Asset Allocation

Allocate Yours Assets Intelligently

Are you an ultra-high net worth individual looking for a global and consolidated view of your wealth structure, associated with key risk and return indicators and a qualitative diagnosis?

BNP Paribas Wealth Management utilizes an exclusive asset allocation tool, Strategic-A, tool which does that ticks all the boxes: Based on your specific objectives, projects and constraints, our team of experts analyses the strategic asset allocation of your wealth and highlights potential improvement areas.

Together we create your ideal asset allocation model, shaping your portfolio to suit your investment style and objectives as well as effectively allocate your wealth to achieve the expected returns.

strategic asset allocation


Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation Brochure 2020


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STRATEGIC-A – Our Asset Allocation Tool

Strategic-A is a powerful decision-making tool that helps you to identify and clarify key strategic asset allocation guidelines to follow in the future, for instance in a transmission context or following the sale of a company when there a significant amount of cash to invest.

These are the key steps of a Strategic-A analysis:

  1. Our experts give you a consolidated picture of your global wealth by asset class, whatever the bank, whatever the asset, including illiquid and unlisted assets (such as direct Real Estate, Private Equity, private companies, land …);
  2. Then, based on our robust proprietary quantitative modeling, they provide you with a thorough risk-return diagnostic of your wealth allocation;
  3. Finally, they investigate and modelise potential scenarios to optimise your portfolio allocation in order to better reflect your investor profile and your specific needs.Strategic-A‘s unique and educational approach, which helps you decide key allocation objectives for the long run, can serve as a pertinent discussion basis for the transmission to the next generations.

Strategic-A‘s uniquely personalized and educational approach, which helps you decide key allocation objectives for the long run,  provides clarity on the asset allocation model best suitable for your investment objectives and risk profile. These insights can serve as a suitable base of discussion for the transmission of wealth to the next generation.

By integrating your personal objectives and needs, our Strategic-A experts offer you a highly personalised and valuable view on relevant and efficient allocation choices for your wealth for the future.

Talk to us today how your current structure can benefit from the Strategic-A.


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