Investing in Bonds

At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, we help you select the best bonds to invest in, by monitoring issuer quality, managing risk, and identifying investment opportunities.

Investment Grade bonds are highly sought after when risk aversion increases or when money market rates are low. Bonds are generally less volatile than equities provided the issuer has a good quality rating.

They enable you to protect your capital when held until maturity and benefit from a higher yield than investments on the money market, so long as the issuer does not default. Investment bonds can also provide you with a steady revenue until maturity or until a possible call.

Types of Bonds to Invest In

Our worldwide network of bond specialists draws upon both in-house and external research and analysis to furnish you with knowledgeable advice and bond trading solutions in a complex investment universe. Our solutions apply to a broad range of Investment Grade Bonds:

  • Government bonds,
  • Financial and non-financial corporate bonds of issuers with financial profiles of varying strengths, 
  • Mature and emerging markets, 
  • Senior and subordinated rankings, 
  • Fixed and floating coupons,
  • Index-linked bonds,
  • Bonds in different currencies...

For more dynamic and sophisticated clients, we also propose to invest in bonds providing more attractive yields, albeit accompanied by an increased risk, such as High Yield bonds or Corporate hybrids. Selection and monitoring are key and a systematic buy-and-hold is not always the right behavior to adopt.

Correlations are also strong with equity markets.  So our team of experts continuously analyzes strategy when investing and trading in bonds.

Our Bond Investment Solutions

Based on deep convictions, our team makes selections among issuers and securities and monitors them over time. Our dedicated network through experienced execution teams can also offer you access to both primary and secondary markets and provide you with made-to-measure solutions upon request.

We can also help you access these markets through a panoply of investment solutions such as investment funds, structured investments or management mandates.

Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you in investing in bonds.