#Investments — 09.03.2020

Interview with Rémi Lefevre-Moulenq, Global Head of Credit Offering 

Rémi Lefevre-Moulenq

Global Head of Credit Offering
BNP Paribas Wealth Management

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Remi Lefevre-Moulenq is the Global Head of BNP Paribas Wealth Management’s Credit offering. In his role, he is in charge of serving the most sophisticated clients globally across all their financing needs.

Could you tell us what is your view on the key trends in Wealth Management today when it relates to Credit needs? 

Wealth Management clients have become some of the most sophisticated in todays’ markets.

Most of our clients have complex holdings in businesses across multiple sectors, geographies and asset classes. As Wealth Management specialists, we need to be relevant for them while at the same time being able to serve their personal and family needs. The complexity and uniqueness of each situation is the driver behind the increased customization of our credit offering.

Our credit offering leverages the resources of the entire firm offering a tailored solution for each situation, and most of the time we cannot rely on off-the-shelve standardized solutions.

How do you deal with the exigence of Wealth Management clients?

We are a leading global bank and our clients have justifiably high expectations of us. This is true for our corporate clients and this is also the case for our wealth management clients who expect nothing but the best level of service from BNP Paribas Wealth Management.

To ensure they receive the excellence they expect, we have a simple and consistent process, driven by our bankers who are constantly updated on our offerings and our capabilities. Every project starts with a thorough analysis of what our clients want to achieve and what they need in a preparatory phase. Based on this, we can deliver clear advice and fully implementable solutions leveraging all the options available of benefit our clients.

This is what we’re all about: a collaborative approach to build a solution that helps our clients reach their goals.

What are the most common client solutions your team provides?

In general, most of our clients have needs across their business interest and also have personal needs. Leveraging the strength of the BNP Paribas group, we can serve them for all their needs across many geographies. On a personal level, the most common needs relate to the need for Lombard loans, financing real estate investments, financing for jets & yachts or structured credit focused on their specific case; often these are founded on the guarantee of private assets. From a business standpoint, we can draw from the unique pool of experts from our Corporate and Institutional Banking division and work together to design solutions that fit our clients' needs.

What are the determinants of success in this market?

It’s about expertise, hard work and honesty. We make sure our clients can benefit fully from the range of expertise, and solutions we can draw from being one of the largest and best-capitalized banks in the world, with experts across asset classes, products and geographies.

Our dedicated Key Client Group focuses on working collaboratively with our clients to understand their needs, drawing from the resources of the group and designing unique solutions for the problems they face, both personally and in their businesses.