#Corporate News — 12.05.2022

Vincent Lecomte on sailing, sustainability and digital disruption

Our CEO, @Vincent Lecomte, sat down virtually recently with @Eliot Wilson, the Greater China Editor and the Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Editor @Euromoney, to talk “sailing, sustainability and digital disruption.”*

Sofia Merlo I CO-CEO I BNP Paribas Wealth Management

So what were some of those key messages that Vincent & Eliot discussed?

We have made important growth strides around the world; of course, there’s Europe, “our home region,”* as Vincent calls it, where we are a key player in our main markets and where we have launched new activities in Germany and in the Netherlands over the last few years.

Europe is also where the BNP Paribas Group is a leader across all its businesses, Commercial, Personal Banking & Services (CPBS), Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB), Asset Management, Insurance & Real Estate; and this is where, thanks to our One Bank approach,  we can really bring to our Entrepreneurs & Families clientele solutions to both their personal & professional financial needs. Vincent underlines specifically the importance for clients of our initiative with CIB to offer clients “access to a more holistic range of private banking, corporate finance & real estate services.”*

Vincent emphasizes the important role that Asia plays in our set-up. We are an international player to be reckoned with in Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan, and we enjoy a strong and growing business with our Chinese clients.

Sustainability remains a hot topic. Vincent cites one very telling example: in our Entrepreneur & Family Report 2021 – Impact Journey, we found that the “take-up among wealthy [Asian entrepreneurs] jumped to 69% in 2021 from 39% in 2019.”*

With pride, Vincent affirms that we have “long been a trailblazer in environmental, social and governance (ESG).”* And of course, you can’t make that assertion without proof in the pudding:  myImpact, our unique tool that aids our clients in defining their impact priorities and our game-changing Clover Methodology that rates the sustainability of our investment solutions across asset classes.

So what about the digital disruption that the article headline puts in the spotlight?  It’s one of Vincent’s “favorite topics, as [he is] a strong believer.”* There has been a real pick-up in digital use across our entire client base, including family offices and the ultra high.  We have a clear plan to accelerate on this front and as Vincent affirms, “you cannot afford to not invest in digital.”

Finally, so what’s up with the sailing? Vincent is an avid sailor and knows that in rough seas, a strong team pulling together is what keeps the boat ‘yar.’  He’s proud of how the men and women at BNP Paribas Wealth Management have sailed the rough waters of the last two years marked by the Covid crisis.

For those of you who have a subscription to @Euromoney, don’t hesitate to click on the link to access @Eliot Wilson’s article:  https://www.euromoney.com/article/2a01lf8b4o6ef876ak9og/wealth/lecomte-on-sailing-sustainability-and-digital-disruption


*All quotations are extracted from this article “Lecomte on sailing, sustainability and digital disruption.” Written by @Eliot Wilson and published on Euromoney in April 22, 2022.