#Vineyards — 28.06.2016

Wine market in France: key figures

Benoît Léchenault

The wine and vineyard markets are in good shape following the excellent 2015 harvest.

2015 Agrifrance Report: infography

Whilst the grain market, like the timber market, is still hampered by a difficult economic context and quotas, the wine market is performing well thanks to 2015’s excellent harvest.


2015 was a very good year

With a harvest equating to 47.9 million hectolitres, France was edged into second place by Italy in 2015. Nonetheless, production rose by 2% on the previous year, and by 5% compared with the average for 2010-2014. Industry professionals are expecting a very high quality vintage for 2015 thanks to favourable temperatures, plenty of sunshine and excellent harvest conditions.


Wine-growing land in France, prices generally on the increase

In 2015, the average price of vineyard land in France was around €140,000/ha. Prices have generally recovered over the last 10 years, and are rising by 6% per year. It is worth noting, however, that prices differ hugely from one appellation to another.


While the terroir, surface area, plantation type and general condition are key aspects in the valuation of vineyards, prices are also closely linked to the health of the wine market, especially in terms of exports. At the top end, there is limited supply for structural reasons, and prices are rising strongly. At the mid and low ends, the market has improved following a period of restructuring (grubbing-up

schemes and reforms of planting rights).


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