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Clever clover rating to gauge sustainability level

At the 2nd edition of the WealthBriefing Wealth for Good Awards, BNP Paribas Wealth Management was awarded 8 prestigious prizes, at Global, APAC and MENA levels. An opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to support clients in sustainability.

Interview edited by WealthBriefing.




"Our clients benefit from an integrated and diversified business model across the entire bank. Responsible investing is at the heart of our model and at the heart of our clients’ concerns and plays a crucial role in the transition of our economies to a more sustainable model. We remain committed to support and advise our clients, entrepreneurs, and multi-generational families in this process, combining our expertise with our clients’ influence and their desire to tackle sustainable development challenges.”

Éléonore Bedel, Chief Sustainability Officer

Tell us how your firm advances causes such as ESG and sustainability and what sets it apart?

“We are thrilled to have won these awards recognizing our responsible offering, not only worldwide, but also in key regions such as APAC and in MENA. We prioritise our clients, entrepreneurs and multi-generational families, and we focus on their expectations, leveraging our expertise across the entire BNP Paribas Group to serve their personal and professional financial needs. To advise and support our clients in their responsible investing choices, we have developed the “Clover Methodology” which rates the sustainability level of our investment offering on a scale from zero to ten clovers, regardless of the asset management company or asset class.”


What steps are you taking to stay ahead of competition?

“Facilitating the integration of sustainability in our business is key to our purpose at BNP Paribas Wealth Management. We have a long-standing commitment to the environment and society. Since 2006, we have expanded our product range, from ESG integration to impact investing and we have designed a comprehensive client journey which embeds sustainability:

·       In step 1, we identify our client’s ESG preferences.

·       In step 2, clients define their objectives (in terms of risk, return, and impact) with their relationship manager and our sustainability experts.

·       In step 3, clients can choose the level of sustainability in their investments, and they can also select philanthropy solutions (ready-to-use or custom-made).

·       In step 4, we propose investment solutions matching our clients ‘objectives.

We will continue to adapt our offering in line with the growing consideration of sustainable development challenges in the economy, the transition of the financial sector towards sustainable finance, and related regulations.”


How will this award affect your business and the views of prospective clients?

“At the Second Annual WealthBriefing Wealth For Good Awards 2023, BNP Paribas Wealth Management has won eight awards, all at global level. Our main strength is the incredible dedication to our clients that our teams have shown to address sustainability challenges. These awards reflect our commitment in driving impact and sustainability measures in all aspects of our business and in our investment strategies. These recognitions encourage us to go further.”