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#Philanthropie — 21.04.2017


"Philanthropy is increasingly becoming an important issue for our clients. To support them in this, we have therefore set up a special personal philanthropy team within our Private Bank."

The team brings together specialists capable of supporting the client in his "career" as a philanthropist, from identifying his goals through to structuring his donations. This support enables clients to turn their aspirations into permanent actions, in many cases by helping a family to work together on an issue that is dear to them by taking the long-term view.

"Providing our clients with support over the long term remains the principal goal of our services, because putting a structure in place or making a substantial donation is not enough; nowadays, philanthropists want their actions to have the maximum social or environmental impact, through an optimum use of resources. Hearts and minds working together to make a difference: our staff are on hand to guide and advise our clients throughout what will inevitably be a long story."


Philippe Dardart,
Head of diversification offering


BNP Paribas Wealth Management has published its new exclusive Philanthropy Report conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which explores how the Next Generation of Philanthropists is shaping the future of philanthropy, balancing the weight of family legacies through new tools, technologies and strategies.


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