Your LuxTrust Token becomes mobile!

Gain more mobility and flexibility by using your smartphone instead of your Token to connect to myWealth.

Thanks to the LuxTrust Mobile app, you won't need to have your Token at hand all the time. Your smartphone will replace your physical Token and allow you to access myWealth at any time, without any constraints.

How to activate the LuxTrust Mobile application?

Before downloading the LuxTrust Mobile application, please make sure you have your LuxTrust credentials by hand. .

As a reminder, your LuxTrust credentials are:

Your USER ID composed of 4 letters (the first 2 letters of your last name + the first 2 of your name) and 4 digits (ex. ABCD1234);

Your SECRET CODE, a 6 digit-code, which you changed when you activated your Token.


With your LuxTrust credentials by hand, download the LuxTrust Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, launch the app and follow the steps indicated on the screen.



Please keep your Token even after the activation of the LuxTrust Mobile App, as you will need it should you need to reinstall the LuxTrust Mobile App.