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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a wealth planning tool that is part of a long-term investment approach. Our teams have a comprehensive range of life insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.


BNP Paribas Wealth Management Luxembourg enables you to take advantage of a special partnership with Cardif Lux Vie, a Luxembourg life insurance company for which BGL BNP Paribas is a broker. This gives you access to bespoke savings and pension solutions that can be adapted to suit your changing circumstances and are subject to a secure regulatory framework. At the same time, you benefit from investment diversification within these life-insurance policies.

Our services:

  • Life insurance and capital accumulation products
  • Solutions tailored to and compliant with the legal and tax requirements of different countries
  • International expertise that caters to your specific needs

Our value-added:

  • Three investment options, which may be combined and modified:
  • Non unit-linked funds offered by the insurer
  • Multi-product offering with a range of selected funds
  • Dedicated investment management