Risk Scores Downgrade.

As of today, the following list of products have undergone a downward revision in Risk Scores as compared to the Previous Month-end. The Risk Scoring of securities is based on the Bank's internal methodology using a scale of 1-7, with 1 being the lowest risk and 7 being the highest risk.

Security Name Risk Rating as of Downgraded Risk Rating Compared to Previous Month End as of
30 SEPTEMBER 202204 OCTOBER 2022
1 ZHENRO PROPERTIES GRP 6.7% 040826 67


  1. 1. Low Risk
  2. 2. Moderate Risk
  3. 3. Average Risk
  4. 4. Higher than Average Risk
  5. 5. Significant Risk
  6. 6. High Risk
  7. 7. Very High Risk

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