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Through Advisory Services, you will receive personalised proactive advice with detailed investment suggestions and trade alerts. You will benefit from trading-oriented advice and recommendations with monitoring, allowing you to make your own investment decisions.


Direct Real Estate Solutions



" If you wish to play an active role in managing your investments by receiving investment advice and ideas on a regular basis, Advisory is made for you!"

Robert Vedeilhie

Robert Vedeilhie

Global Head of Advisory

How we serve you

You will receive personalised pro-active advice with detailed investment suggestions and trade alerts from your Relationship Manager. You benefit from a more active trading-oriented investment advice and recommendations with personalised monitoring to make your own investment decisions.

Your Relationship Manager

  • Is your personal trusted partner who understands your goals and needs
  • Helps you to define your financial objectives, your risk/reward profile together with your investment horizon
  • Identifies the solutions best suited to your needs with the help and support of a team of experts

Your Portfolio Advisor

  • Makes personalised investment recommendations according to your needs and the investment strategy of BNP Paribas Wealth Management
  • Produces portfolio allocation and investment proposals
  • Is in charge of the construction of your investment portfolio
  • Provides regular reports and investment reviews
  • Monitors your investment portfolio